NY/CT/LI Restaurant News, Openings and Closings - SPRING AND SUMMER EDITION

Wow this sounds really cool!

Great! We are music hall members and would love to add this place too!!

Interesting. My husband is a big jazz fan so I’m sure we will end up here soon!

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Welcome motosport!!! I guess you got the email!

Closed: Chow’s Caribbean Chicken in Ossining.

Stopped by Omandarin today to see if they had opened,apparently they have been open since Friday. The place looks very nice. The menu consists primarily of “traditional” Chinese dishes rather than "traditional Westchester Chinese,so i’m not familiar with alot of the menu items. Still looking forward to trying them (only took the menu so far). Hard to tell it used to be a friendly’s - sort of a worldwide microcosm L from American nostalgia to fine Chinese (as the world turns)


O Mandarin is in Hartsdale, on Central Ave., correct? We’ll have to check it out - haven’t found any decent Chinese in Westchester as of yet!

Friday? They were not open Saturday
Should have replied to rich

Have you tried either Central Seafood or Aberdeen in White Plains? We prefer the former, but both attract a lot of actual Chinese patrons.

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Aberdeen dim sum isn’t quite like dim sum in Queens but I think it’s worth trying for sure. As much as I love going to Queens for dim sum I’m just not up for the parking (mis)adventures that often. Dim sum seems like it’d be fun for a HOdown…


Neither - we are in Yonkers and haven’t ventured into WP for dinner yet. I will keep these in mind! [quote=“ieatalotoficecream, post:45, topic:8978”]

As much as I love going to Queens for dim sum I’m just not up for the parking (mis)adventures that often.

You are NOT kidding. We lived on the 7 line so we usually subwayed out to Flushing, but once I took my parents out there for dim sum and we drove - NIGHTMARE BEYOND COMPARE. Never again. Dim sum would definitely be fun for a HOdown though!


Yes, it is quite challenging!!! We’ll go maybe every six months to get our fix but it takes that long to recover from the trauma of parking! :wink:

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well I’m pretty sure that is what they told me when i asked,perhaps they did a soft opening friday and then opened monday,either way they are definitely open now. I do know that when i asked the girl at the front desk how business had been,she told me that it was her first day (wednesday).

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Stillmeadow Gourmet, Bronxville has closed. It had a brief run at the same spot that previously housed Scarborough Fair, up the street from Scalini…

The group behind upscale Wuji Chinese has closed two of their restaurants in Scarsdale Village and Rye. There is still a Wuji operating on Greenwich Ave., Greenwich…

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Sorry … my mistake … it was your similar post on CH

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