NY/CT BEST COCKTAILS - Let's discuss!

Since the “best cake” thread sparked some great conversation, we are going to keep it going with some more “best” threads. This one is for our community to opine about our favorite cocktail spotsin NY/CT, whether it’s a restaurant or dedicated bar. Where can your favorite bartenders be found?

This thread is for ALL of NY (including Westchester and LI) and CT.

I’ll go first! :slight_smile:

My absolute favorite spot for cocktails is Rivermarket in Tarrytown, NY. Not only do they do standards well, but they also have a really creative list of more eclectic cocktails. Emilio Ugarte is in charge and can usually be found at the bar. I especially like their Aviation cocktail although the other night I had a gin and juice that was refreshing. Their original cocktails are well balanced and unusual. The large bar itself is a gorgeous place to hang out, rectangular and impressive looking, and works well for date nights, friends gathering, and even singles to meet up (30s 40s +++).

Where do you all go for cocktails?