NW WA: Willows Inn

Has anyone done the prix fixe dinner at the Willows Inn? It is right in my neck of the woods, although it is apparently a dining experience worth getting on a plane for. But it is abominably, incredibly expensive. $225 pp. Food only, I believe. Maybe it’s just me, and I have a hard time paying that much for food period. But at least I wouldn’t have to pay for a plane ticket.

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I didn’t seriously think to go there in the summer when we visited Washington, but I did poke around their website a little bit. I recall it is a bit easier to book when you also stay at their inn. Fine inn of course, though a night’s day is also pretty pricey.

I would say go for it - make reservations for dinner and overnight for a special occasion. You’ll have good memories to look back on @Sasha

Our 25th anniversary is in a couple of years. By then it will probably be $350pp!!!

Too true, and maybe not as good!! There’s nothing wrong with being a nonconformist and having the biggie celebration for your 23rd!

Besides, it could burn down like the Herb Farm and be no more. :scream_cat:

Have you eaten at Canlis in Seattle? I’ve heard they’re excellent again and different with the new chef that came on a couple years ago. It’s on our short list one of these days…

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I haven’t, but for some reason, from what I’ve heard over the years, I always had the notion it was a bit stodgy. With service more important than food. I could be wrong…

Yes, I think that was the case until they brought the new chef onboard. I’ll post about it if we go anytime soon.

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I thought someone here might be interested in this. I can’t say I am too surprised about the issues involving local products. I suspect this happens all the time at places that claim to do all fresh and local. I take such claims with a grain of salt. I have never worked in the restaurant business but from what I have read the complaints about workplace harassment, wage theft /internship issues is pretty common as well . Not that that makes it right and maybe/hopefully things are changing in that regard. It is not my intention to defend Willows but given what high praise NYT gave before it feels sort of like build them up and knock them down. Much like is done with celebrities. If I am going to pay $500 per person for a meal I would hope that all involved are being treated well but then again I feel the same way if I paid $20.

At Blaine Wetzel’s Willows Inn, Employees Report Years of Workplace Abuse - The New York Times (nytimes.com)


I saw the headline and already shared it. Too bad there is a paywall…

I can’t find where you posted it but sorry for my redundancy.

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