Nut free bakeries in Westchester?

I have a family member with a serious peanut allergy. Does anyone know of any bakeries that are nut free? I’d like to get something nice for an occasion and though I’m a pretty capable home baker my kitchen is definitely not peanut free.

Heisler’s Bakery on North Ave., near the corner of Quaker Ridge Road, New Rochelle is nut free…


Good to know - my home is definitely not peanut-free either. How careful does one need to be with this sort of thing? It wouldn’t have occurred to me that there would be a problem as long as I was using clean bowls/utensils/baking pans and didn’t have peanuts out while I was prepping the batter or whatever. I actually have a nut-allergic guest coming to my place for Easter so now I’m wondering if I need to take further precautions.

It depends on the severity of their allergy.

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I only know two people with a nut allergy. The one I’m referring to has an extremely serious allergy and I wouldn’t want to take a chance. I know another person with an allergy who has no issue eating anything made in my nut-full kitchen. Depends I guess.

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