Numide- Crystal Palace [London]

This North African/French spot has been around for ages. We’ve been a few times but not since it changed ownership. Luckily not much if anything has changed. It is still a cozy but lively local restaurant.

We started downstairs in the bar which I like very much. It’s quite dark and a little bit louche. They still can’t make a decent old fashioned but the mojitos were good.

Upstairs at the main event the missus and I both looked at the menu and immediately wanted the same starter and main. Starter was quail, pear and Roquefort salad. The quail was perfectly cooked crisp skin and still moist. It worked very well with the pear it did not however go well with the Roquefort. This was pairing logic that didn’t work. Yes quail and pear go very well together as do pear and Roquefort but all together on the same plate, no. Pity because the quail was so well cooked.

For mains we had rabbit tagine. The pieces of rabbit were plump and beautifully soft. There was a nice sweetness but the spicing could have been upped a notch. This came with some very nice bread. We had a very nice bottle of Viognier for both courses.
The walnut and the pecan tarts we had for dessert were fine. They comped us a glass of Prosecco in the bar downstairs after our meal which was a nice touch.

All sounds good, PB (except the Roquefort of which I’m not overly fond).

Herself has become a fan of Viognier, having been served it as part of a wine flight on a tasting menu. Wine’s tricky as I don’t drink and that means a bottle is usually much too much, so it’s dependent on them having the Viog. by the glass.