[NPR] Pairing Wine And Weed: Is It A California Dream Or Nightmare?

“What we’ve found so far is that sativas go well with whites, indicas go well with reds,”

Farm to table takes on a whole different meaning now.


This piece is not new, though relevant:

Do grapes and cannabis require the same growing conditions? How many growers even grow outdoors? I would think that old vineyards would be more valuable as-is when cannabis can be grown intensively indoors or in other areas not prime for wine grapes. Plus, wine is a global market and can be exported, weed can only be consumed in state.

I don’t think wine & weed events have really taken off here in WA, but maybe I’m out of the loop (don’t drink wine anymore). Since each state that legalizes makes their own laws, CA’s will be different. In WA I believe you could do a private party with edibles but not a restaurant open to the public, consumption in public is not legal and edibles need to be clearly & accurately dosed.

Sonoma/Napa is so expensive - certainly there are high end tokers but i wonder how much the demographics overlap … I mean, I’d get high and go to the French Laundry, but might be weird that way.

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Maybe the Napa/ Sonoma climate and the nighttime cooling can result in ‘world-class’ cannabis?

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