November trip to NYC.

Kay and i did not get tickets to Merrily but we did score Death of a Salesman AND The Piano Lesson plus Carnegie Hall for Melissa Errico.

We arrive early afternoon October 17 and return Sunday 20 at 6pm. A sunday meal at Alley 41 in Flushing or Hamido in Astoria.

We have theater tickets at 8pm both Thursday and Friday, and a matinee Saturday. Anyone who wants to meet up is welcome to jump in. Nothing spendy.


October 17-20 or November?

October I’m away, will look forward to reading about your eats.

November I may be here.

November. I do not have an edit icon. Supermoderator to the rescue?

sadly we’ll miss you, we’re away until mid-dec.


Sat dinner (11/19) might work for me. Maybe we can get something going?

Hamido in Astoria?
Alley 41 in Flushing
Somewhere else?

We will be at the Hirshfield Theater until 5pm.

I’ll also be out of town during your dates.

And I don’t know anyone who got Merrily tix. ‘Twould have been good to see it in the smaller theatre, but guessing it will come to Broadway. And I must confess, no one in my little orbit is sure about Daniel Radcliffe…But anyway, when you are back for that…

11/19 is a possibility for me also.

Me too.

Given that you’ll already be in midtown @Dean, we could do dinner in Manhattan.

We are back in March for Tosiko Akiyoshi and Lew Tabakin at Lincoln Center and Sweeney.

Of course we did get to see Into the Woods at city Center.

Where do you suggest?

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@Dean you usually come up with better ideas than we do :joy:

But my ideas run to Astoria and Flushing.

Well, this will sound a little non-innovative, but have Dean/Kay been to Wu’s? I haven’t been back since the rest of us had a group dinner there & wouldn’t mind a return. BYOB, can make a reservation & right on top of the F train for easy logistics. Or not.

If it is this place, sounds like fun.

I won’t be joining but if you want to stay midtown, there’s what I used to call szechuan alley around west 37-39th btw 5th and broaday. I see my one of favorite places for lunch, szechuan gourmet won back a bib gourmand (fwiw) after re-opening from the fire. Chowhound favorite lan sheng also re-opened but there’s also cafe china, best szechuan and Chili. Sadly Zest closed.

my only problem with szechuan before a show is at times I get really thirsty and at other times I have stomach problems best left to the imagination :joy:

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That’s the place.

I know there will not be 76 Trombones is we are going to a Matinee. The Sichuan

Let’s do that. Otherwise, the list will grow exponentially with wonderful choices. We would prefer earlier for the reservation.