November in Paris

This past November my wife and I and various friends had some really terrific meals in Paris. The best meals were in Alliance, Montée, Les Tablettes de Jean-Louis Nomicos, and L’Arcane. All four of these restaurants served wonderful food, but L’Arcane stood out from the rest. One example: We were served John Dory, one of my favorite fishes, at Alliance, Montée, and L’Arcane. In the first two the fish was good, but I kept thinking that it didn’t measure up to John Dory that we had eaten in Rome. The John Dory that L’Arcane served was from small-boat fishing. It was better by an order of magnitude.

We had some simpler meals at Chez L’Ami Jean, Le Radis Beurre, Au Bon Coin, Dans Les Landes, and Le Petit Pontoise. The latter is probably the only one we would return to. Although Au Bon Coin may merit another vist; it seems to be under new ownership or something. It was not the same as other times.

We also had some simple fare at Saveurs d’Asie, Hakata Choten, Un Jour à Ha Noi and oysters at Huitrerie Régis and Pleine Mer. We did not leave Paris hungry.

And, of course, Kitchen Ter(re).


Indeed a lot of meal! Envy, when we live here, we thought we have all the time to eat, but ending up eating out less because of busy life.

Which one do you prefer more?

What was the style of the food?

Looks like you like fish! I like raw fish more than cooked one.

We liked both Alliance and Montée a lot, but if I had to choose between them, I’d give the preference to Montée

What do you think of it?

As I said, it was a very simple meal, but well executed, and we enjoyed it very much. I do not recall what we ate or drank, but we will probably go back this year.

We went back to Un Jour à Ha Noi last night and had another simple but enjoyable meal. We started with the crevettes fried in green rice and followed with the crepe with a meat/crevette filling and the bo bun with nems. I’m not sure that that was the exact name, but the menu states that President Obama ate this dish! That’s good enough for me!

At any rate, the nems were not warm enough, and the whole contained a tad too much sugar for my taste, though not disturbingly too much. We still liked it. We each had a glass of an open St.-Emilion.

Actually now I noticed that you have visited Paris last year in November too! So you are used to the same seasonal products. Except this year, cepes is considered a luxury and rare, due to the dryness of summer, there are few and very expensive and later than usual.

You mean Obama ate this dish in this restaurant, or ate the dish elsewhere? Mmm, I don’t like the “too much sugar” part. This restaurant is on my to eat Vietnamese list.

It is freezing this year in November. Stay warm!

I think that he ate it in Hanoi with Anthony Bourdain.

And, yes, we’re in Paris most every November. With winter jackets.