November 2021, Openings and Closings (Boston & New England)

I had forgotten to do this again, but thanks to a friendly reminder from a board denizen I now give unto you the November thread for anything opening and closing related. Enjoy!


I was out for a quick walk in my hood yesterday and saw this new place, Prep Neighborhood Kitchen, which is having a soft opening this Friday, Nov 5. They are replacing the sad pizza joint that was purchased by (I think) Nepali folks, who started offering momos and Indian-style pizza. Never had the pizza but the veggie momos were just so-so. I popped in on a whim when Spring Onion and I were walking around (a couple of years ago so I think he was 4 or 5?). It took about 30 minutes to get them, which, with a restless kid, was not much fun.

I wish PNK well!

ETA: I just checked out their Instagram account - looks promising.


PS Still no action at Arlington Heights Pub.

PPS Thank you @passing_thru!



Toraya (Arlington) still says “coming soon”. I feel like Arlington needs to step it up and make it a bit easier for new businesses to get open (Arlington Heights Pub has been trying to open for ages too).


The Cafe Azteca in Lawrence has closed. Tonight they are hosting a walk thru to view artwork, meet the artists and chef and staff. Light refreshments.

The owners have a lunch place on Essex Street and I think they may use that space for a dinner service. Using the Azteca staff.
I hope they find a new place.


Oh no! Cafe Azteca was a classic to my way of thinking. Wonderful people, too.

If you do get intel about their next move, I would love to know.


I know, we are very sad! Will certainly share what ever I hear.
Here is the their FB link with some info.