November 2020 Openings and Closings (Boston & New England)

Since there’s nothing at all in the world going on today, let’s start a new openers & closers thread!

I heard that the Smoke Shop outlet in Harvard Sq. is open. I’m not the biggest fan of this place (I went to the Assembly Sq. one and, y’know, it was fine) but given the paucity of lunch options in the Square these days I could see myself buying a pulled pork sandwich once in awhile on my work days.


Retro Burger in Arlington (which I’ve never heard of) is closing, and Toraya will re-open in its space. It’s been years since we’ve been to Toraya, but it used to be one of our favorite spots when we lived in that neighborhood, so I’m glad to see them get another chance.


Huh, I’ve never heard of Retro Burger either but this is good news. I went to Toraya last year sometime and had a nice lunch.


Excellent news, thank you! Toraya was a huge favorite of mine despite not living anywhere nearby and I was devastated when they closed. Like you, I’m happy to see them get another chance.


Cafe Polonia has closed (which really sucks as it was a really nice restaurant)

That does indeed really suck.

I’m really sad about this one, I loved this place. There’s nowehere left now that’ll give you a dish of lard with your bread.

I had completely forgotten that detail. Now I’m even sadder.

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The Boston Globe (or is reporting that Grumpy White will be closing this month. :frowning: :sob:

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I was going to try and get some bagels for the holiday week at Bagelsaurus tomorrow, but the website says they are closed indefinitely as an employee tested positive for COVID 19 on or around 11/20.

Catalyst is going into hibernation

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Bummer for Bagelsaurus and that employee!


Website says “Temporarily closed”, not “Indefinitely”. That feels a bit more optimistic! Here’s hoping they will soon reopen.


It was a great place to get some great comfort food. It will be missed.
Always Enjoyed,

…and Little Donkey starts to sleep (I wonder restaurants will stay open until April/May)


…as does Spoke Winebar…

Well some potential good news in these times …

Il Capriccio which closed in Waltham (one of the two dueling Italian places here Capriccio vs La Compania) looks to be reopening in a new location.

It was on Main Street down by Hannafords on the corner. Looks to be reopening in “Ther Merc” which is the new mixed use building at the corner of Moody and Main.

Slated to open in November but now says January.

Maybe all the closings will cause a rent adjustment and some of our favorites can reopen in new locations with more favorable rents.


Went by today and it doesn’t look like anything is happening but given the situation, he’s probably not in a hurry to open.

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