Notification question

A user, who doesn’t want notifications for unrelated posts (e.g., replies to others) on threads to which they’ve responded, asked me the following:

I simply want notifications if:

  1. Someone “@” mentions me, or replies directly to me (which is perfectly fine / expected).
  2. Someone replies to a thread that I created (since it’s about that topic I created, sure, I want to see replies in it).

I guess instead of manually having to set “Normal” or “Muted” (I think Normal is fine), on every thread that I happened to make a post into (but that I didn’t create, and that someone isn’t replying directly to me), is that a setting somewhere on Hungry Onion / Discourse Options panel?

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Isn’t what you’re describing the default setting? Those things happen just as you describe.

The default is that once you respond to (or create) a post, you get notifications. This user wants only to get notifications when someone replies to their specific comments in a thread, but not when someone replies to others in the thread.

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I don’t know what my settings are but that’s what happens with me.

The Notification section describes the options in detail:


Cool, thanks. The “normal” option below is what the user seems to be requesting, but that’s not available in my user preferences at least. I’ll let the user know that it’s not currently supported in our configuration.

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Wait, Normal is available for me:


Hmm… I’ll log into my desktop tomorrow, but I don’t believe I even have that bell on the right side of my “latest” screen.

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There is no bell for Latest because Latest technically isn’t a category. Its just showing discussions across all categories. If you aren’t trying to set category-specific notifications, then i think you can just do site-wide notifications in user preferences.


Thank you!

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Slightly different issue, same topic. I’ve suddenly started getting emailed notifications every time someone replies to me (or posts in a topic I started). I’ve gone through my settings and the user guide, but I can’t find a way to disable this. The desktop push notifications are fine with me; the email are not, and I’d like to stop them. Anyone know how?

Have you checked “email” section in your preference?

Aha! Thanks.

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