Notification lags

The lag can be from 5-10 seconds to up to 3 minutes… Anybody has this problem, or it’s only me?

Not yet. Lag from posting?

Everything, posts, likes. Even after the post is read, the notification reminded a while longer, sometimes up to 3 minutes.

not noticed, but not looking.
in fact, after starting the ‘good deal on Zwilling’ thread, it has devolved into the usual and customary arguments over why the best induction unit will take over the world.
. . . and I keep getting blue dot notifications . . . and can’t find a place to turn them off . . . which is why I’m not looking for notifications . . .

Doesn’t a blue dot just mean a new thread?

You can decide if you want to receive notification for a specific thread here.

Scroll at the end of that thread. Click muted for no notification even if people reply you, or normal, if you want to be notified when people reply your post.

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Haven’t noticed

Thanks everyone, looks like it’s only me having this problem, I will find time to update software on my laptop to solve this.

keeping your browser up-to-date is a very good idea - html is constantly changing, browser updates keep up with the times…
another suggestion - regularly delete cookies and caches - I delete mine every weekend.
most/all? browsers have a built in function to do that. browser can easily accumulate kabillions of cookies and gigbytes of cache - all of which has to be ‘searched’ at (almost) every click…

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