Notch traveling Biergarten, Trustees of Reservations

As I posted on the what’s for dinner thread, I’m trying to get out some nervous energy as we await news of Big Papi. What a crazy night last night between the good news of the Bruins and the bad of Big Papi.

We checked out the Trustees Notch traveling biergarten which was at Chestnut Hill Farm in Southborough yesterday. We visit many Trustees properties throughout the year, but this was a new one for us and it was a lovely setting. We arrived close to 1:30 PM (it opened at 1 PM) and we were among the first to arrive. There were many picnic tables and umbrellas and also a tent set up so plenty of places to sit out of the direct sun, which pleased B and my parents. B and I are not big session beer drinkers, but I gotta say the left of the dial fresh out of the keg was really good and refreshing. I love that they offer the beer only in big beer Steins for $7 ($10 deposit on the stein which you can keep and bring to other Trustees Biergartens or return for your deposit) which we thought was a steal. They also had a couple of other styles and plus a Shandy which I normally love but passed on this time.

One quibble was with the food offerings… Almost no options for vegetarians and nothing for vegans. I got a very plain cheese quesadilla while B and my mom both got buffalo chicken quesadilla which they liked. We got dad a BBQ kielbasa sandwich that he devoured. Unfortunately, the sandwich came in a Styrofoam box which was a big bummer. Had I known, I would’ve asked for it on a napkin. Maybe I should have given feedback to the woman overseeing the event but it’s tough when I was having a good time and maybe I’m too low-key / meek to give negative feedback to earnest food truck folks. Anyway despite that, we had a good time and spring onion and the other kids especially enjoyed when the ice cream truck pulled up. Spring onion loved the caterpillar who visited while he was eating his ice cream. And I made up for my disappointment by making several farmstand purchases.

We want to check out future traveling Biergartens. Take a look at the Trustees website if you’re interested in drinking good beer in beautiful outdoor locales this summer.

Big Papi, 2004 duck boat victory parade (photo credit Boston Globe)


This sounds great. We get so many good ideas from you, Digga! Thank you! You likely need to be a member of the trustees to go to these biergarten’s right? I’m doing some sleuthing online but haven’t see a clear answer. :slight_smile:

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The one in North Andover is listed as “free to attend”, with food and beer to purchase.


They are free for all. We brought emergency food for picky spring onion but out of courtesy, they ask that you purchase food and drink from the vendors.

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