Not _exactly_ food: Savanna Jazz [San Carlos]

A quick note:

Savanna Jazz, a club that used to be on Mission ( at about… 26th? ), decided to move out of the city. I had stopped by the place and never loved it in its city digs, but on the peninsula it’s more of a standout.

The layout is pretty good. There’s a front room bar that’s a little packed with tables, and a back room that’s set up as a lounge. It’s in the highly underpopulated part of Laurel Ave near Panda Dumpling and a wood fire pizza joint ( Piazzo’s? ).

What’s kind of great about Savanna Jazz ( besides the very intimate jazz, $15 cover ) is they have a spread of menus from the local places, so you call up, pay, and they deliver to your table.

A number of the average chinese places ( flower drum, new canton, hot wok 2 ), but also Panda Dumpling. The refuge is two short blocks, but they don’t have a menu for them — I’m sure you could simply get a to-go order and walk it down yourself.

There’s a few other bars I’ve remembered that does this, some of which have a binder full of other people’s menus ( Irish place next to Jefferey’s in San Mateo ) and I always love that system. I wish more bars did it.

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Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, Yuanyang County, Yunnan
Credit: inkelv1122, Flickr