Nostalgia [NYC]

The Trinity we knew was Ratner’s, Katz’s, and Russ & Daughters.

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I’ve never understood how Yonah Schimmel stayed in business. Their knishes have always been terrible.[quote=“BoneAppetite, post:24, topic:7501, full:true”]
The Trinity we knew was Ratner’s, Katz’s, and Russ & Daughters.

That would have been mine as well.

I loved Ratners too!

If anyone’s interested, I keep a notepad file of “Old Manhattan” dining spots. It’s sad to look over and see the vast number of places that have closed in recent years. I have similar notepad files for Bklyn, Queens, The Bronx and the other outer burroughs as well:

• La Grenouille

• Sardi’s

• The Palm - (CLOSED)

• Donohue’s Steak House

• Gallagher’s Steakhouse

• The Beatrice Inn

• Ye Waverly Inn

• Keen’s Chophouse

• The Old Homestead Steakhouse

• Minetta Tavern

• Fraunces Tavern

• White Horse Tavern ~ (Original Hudson Street Location)

• Cedar Street Tavern - (CLOSED)

• P.J. Clarke’s

• McSorley’s Old Ale House

• William Barnacle Tavern

• PH Vazac’s / 7B Horseshoe Bar

• Smith’s Bar & Grill - [RUINED]

• Subway Inn

• Corner Bistro

• The Beekman Pub

• The Odeon

• Cornelia Street Café

• Bridge Cafe - (CLOSED)

• Pete’s Tavern

• Grand Central Oyster Bar

• Carmine’s Italian Seafood - (CLOSED)


• Cucina Stagionale - (CLOSED)

• Gene’s

• Monte’s Trattoria

• Forlini’s

• John’s of 12th Street

• Manganaro’s Grosseria Italiana - (CLOSED)

• Gino’s of Capri - (CLOSED)

• Rocco Restaurant - (CLOSED)

• Vivolo

• Ecco Restaurant

• Barbetta

• Lanza’s

• Marchi’s

• Rao’s

• Patsy’s Pizzeria

• Arturo’s Coal Oven Pizza

• John’s of Bleecker Street

• Joe’s Pizza ~ (Carmine & Bleecker Street)

• Lombardi’s Pizza

• Raffetto’s

• Faicco’s Italian Specialties

• Salumeria Biellese

• Caffe Reggio

• De Robertis Pasticceria & Caffe - (CLOSED)

• Veniero’s Pastry

• M&G Diner - (CLOSED)

• Lenox Lounge - (CLOSED)

• Katz’s Deli

• 2nd Ave. Deli - (RELOCATED)

• Carnegie Deli - (CLOSED)

• Roxy Delicatessen - (CLOSED)

• Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop

• Fine & Schapiro

• Lexington Candy Shop

• Cafe Edison - (CLOSED)

• B&H Dairy

• Clover Delicatessen

• Ratner’s - (CLOSED)

• Barney Greengrass

• Russ & Daughters Appetizers

• Yonah Schimmel’s Knish Bakery

• Moishe’s Bake Shop

• A. Zito & Sons Bakery - (CLOSED)

• Vesuvio Bakery - (CLOSED)

• Gertel’s Bakery - (CLOSED)

• Guss’ Pickles - (CLOSED)

• Economy Candy

• Ray’s Candy Store

• Classic Coffee Shop

• Cheyenne Diner - (CLOSED)

• Stage Restaurant - (CLOSED)

• Ottomanelli & Sons Prime Meat Market

• Mamoun’s Falafel

• Cafe Mogador

• Veselka

• Heidelberg

• Joe’s Shanghai

• Fong Inn Too - (CLOSED)

• Wo Hop

• Jade Mountain - (CLOSED)

• Great N.Y. Noodletown

• Nom Wah Tea Parlor

• Sevilla

• Spain Restaurant & Bar

• El Quijote

• Café Habana

• Café Español

• La Nacional

• Café Riazor

• El Faro - (CLOSED)

• El Charro Espanol - (CLOSED)

• Ear Inn

• 21 Club

• New York Friars Club

• The Campbell Apartment, Grand Central Station

• The Flatiron Lounge

• Oak Bar, The Plaza Hotel - (TEMPORARILY CLOSED)

• Bemelmans Bar, The Carlyle

• King Cole Bar, St. Regis Hotel

• The Round Table, The Algonquin Hotel

• Bull and Bear, The Waldorf Astoria - [RUINED]

This is moved and while not ruined exactly is not the same.

Thanks for letting me know!

Do you when it moved and what was previously located in its current space?

I’ll update it on my list.

It was a couple of years ago. Very depressing. Here’s a cheerful spin on their current location:

Bummer! It sounds (and looks) as though the owners did a pretty solid job of recreating the original feel and space in their new digs though.

Do we know each other btw?
I’m guessing from your handle that you’re into the 60s music ‘scene’. :wink:

Any room for Gluckstern’s ?

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Good list.

You must mean Original Palm across the the street from Too. (We’re happy to have personal acquaintances among several Palm walls in a few locations too.)

Second Avenue isn’t Second Avenue when it’s not on Second Avenue, old timers that we might be characterized.

As for Carnegie, oh well . . .

BTW, Odeon was running quite soon after after 9/11 – good thing our party had cash, as paying by card wasn’t possible that evening after getting past the unmanned barricade (phone issue we were told). Glad we went to look in spite of all . . .

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That one is new to me! (AFAIK)

Gee, I don’t think so, although we might recognize each other IRL I suppose if you ever go to garage events in NYC.

I used to quite often (I booked gigs as well) but not so much these days. I’m sure we probably have many mutual friends/acquaintances.

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Oliverb: Great list. Thanks for posting it.

If you get a chance to post the other lists, they’d be most welcome.

Sure, I’d be glad to. I’m away from my computer at the moment but I’ll try to get around to it later in the week.

Wasn’t McSorley’s closed down by the health authorities?

I still have not been to Russ and Daughter. I really need to go!

Temporarily. I think they found rat poop in the basement or something like that. It’s since reopened.

I never liked the place anyway. Ok, I was only there once, but still …

Hard not to like an old Irish tavern from the late 19th C. patronized by the likes of Abe Lincoln, Stuart Davis, Woody Guthrie, LeRoi Jones, etc! It’s a portal to a bygone Manhattan.

Across Delancy from Ratner’s.