Northwest Chocolate Festival, Seattle

Northwest Chocolate Festival is this weekend. as usual a long list of craft chocolate makers and speakers from the craft chocolate industry.

Any chocolate lovers planning to attend?

I was there. I didn’t get to taste a ton, but I’m not that into bean-to-bar anyway, I think a lot of it isn’t that delicious. I don’t enjoy the raisiny, tannic expressions of the bean, I prefer the .smoother character that established producers like Valrhona offer.

I did enjoy the Dick Taylor, and someone had a salmon and fir needle liqueur (iIrc) bonbon that was surprisingly good, as was the bar with pine tree oil. Some rosemary stuff too, so maybe pungent needles are the new bacon. I also visited the Cypress Grove table several times to help clean up all the Humboldt Fog rinds people were leaving behind :smile:

Did you go? Any favorites?