Northeast Oyster Company, Mamaroneck?

I saw this at the ‘other’ place, but am done there in terms of conversation.

Anyone heard of this place or been there? Apparently it’s been opened since last May, in a tiny space on Mamaroneck Avenue, and I haven’t read any press on it, have you?

I googled them and I don’t see prices. Not good.

I pay a dollar a piece when Caffe Regatta has this special on a certain day of the week (can’t remember it) in August (or have they extended it? I need a memory transplant). Their prices are off the wall when they don’t have this special, so I’m guessing Northeast’s prices are too.

Otherwise, where do you go for raw oysters in the Lower Westchester/Fairfield area? I understand Modern Restaurant has a raw bar in their Sunday brunch.