North of Boston-where are you eating?

We are part of the impacted area of the gas explosions/fires and have been without gas service since September 13th. We were reconnected this past Friday, October 26th.
Not having gas service meant no dryer, heat, hot water or cook top. The range is dual fuel so we did have the oven. We were given a 2 burner hot plate about 5 days after the fires. So cooking was a challenge, especially when the weather turned and grilling was less of an option.
Really just my husband and myself, one child at school in VT, the other living at home but not really.
We ended up with take out more often than not. Butcher Boy market’s hot meals, Sal,s pizza, Borelli’s premade pasta meals and Nason’s Stone House were high on the list. A few of these were new to us, our go-to places were also impacted so no Uburger, Bueno Malo, Raagini Indian or Thai Sweet Basil.
What did we miss? Where would you/did you get dinner from?

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So glad you are back up and running with restored gas!

geez, i wish i had some suggestions but i haven’t gone north for months. hope you find some good grub and good luck on your plight.


So sorry to hear that you were among those lacking gas service for so long. Korbani’s Bakery in Methuen is a go-to for us for Lebanese prepared foods and their pita bread.

We often go on Saturday afternoons to stock upon items for the week. We favor spinach pies, lamejun, hummus or baba ganoush, pumpkin kibbeh squares, vegetarian grape leaves and stuffed peppers or stuffed zucchini. Korbani’s house made pita chips are cravable, too! Most items are made Fridays I believe, so that’s a good day to shop as well. (Closed Sundays.) If you hit it just right, you might even happen upon the grape leaves while still slightly warm after being rolled.

Different combos of these foods with salad or veg on the side often keep us fed on busy weeknights, because it’s just the two of us.


Thanks TT, we like Korbanis too, we also shop at George’s in Methuen.
I like the spice and food items for cooking. They have some great nuts, especially the pistachios.
But it is nice to be cooking for ourselves again.


Not being able to cook at home is the worst. I am relieved that the outage is over for you.

Funny thing, in the last month we were seeing gas workers dining at Eviva Cucina in Westford. We sometimes stop for dinner on weeknights after our Market Basket run. I wondered if the crews needed to drive down Route 495 that far to find a restaurant that could accommodate.

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