North Korean refugees tasting American BBQ for the first time

I saw this first on Food Republic - it is a little long but was an interesting watch (has some cultural perspective too)


Terrific video. Eye-opening as well.

Thank you for posting this, Thimes.

Thanks, Thimes. I also read FR but haven’t seen this one.

Have learnt a few things about North Korea as well as America (too many sauces!).

The Honda drivers in Cambodia told me their Korean customers often ask to take them to a restaurant that serves dog meat. They said they didn’t know any. I did ask if Cambodian eat dogs but now can’t remember what he told me. During Pol Pot rule they had to eat anything they could find, thus I suspect dogs if they could catch them.

Russia is so bloody cold they don’t give a damn what anyone says about them wearing fur! I would wear a coat with some fur if I were to be in such a cold place. Wish I had one when I was in Churchill last october, and it was only -14C windchill with tremendous wind that when it snowed it snowed horizontally. Never saw that til Churchill. The N. Koreans had to make use of dog or cat furs for extra warmth because that’s what they have.

N. Korea is on my list to visit. It’s not high because I must go with a tour and will be shown only what they want you to see. Same for Bhutan.

The shot of them cutting into a rack of beef ribs made me so jealous I couldn’t watch any more. :wink:

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2