North Italia, Houston

A couple of weeks ago, my brother, his partner and I stopped into North Italia for Sunday brunch. It was right at noon and I was clever enough to call ahead for reservation although it wasn’t necessary. It didn’t fill up for another fifteen minutes or so.

Anyway, North Italia is a small national chain of nine stores and that number may even include a “Coming Soon” or two. I think there’s one in Austin also, so feel free to chime in you hippies. (I’m, a Longhorn, so I’m just kidding,) (Sort of.)

The space is modern, bright and sleek. The pastas and breads are being made behind a giant glass wall that invites your nodding approval. And they’re really good. They were pulling fettuccine and making gnocchi as I walked by. They have a full bar and while I’m not really much of a drinker, my two Hendricks Martinis were pretty darned perfect.

My brother had a Funghi Pizza with Italian Sausage added that was excellent. His partner had the Egg Scramble that he said was excellent. I had the Tuscan Chicken Salad Sandwich that was also exceptional. (You thought I was going to say “excellent” didn’t you? Well, it was.)

Notice that they have a "Chef’s Board featuring "prosciutto, crescenza, aged provolone, asparagus, roasted peppers, marcona almonds, castelvetrano olives, and grilled bread. If we smuggled in some additional salumis and cured ham that would be a heck of plate!

It’s located on Post Oak just south of San Felipe, at the other end of the building from Whole Foods. They have valet parking, but if there are orange cones across the street, IN THE PUBLIC RIGHT OF WAY, feel free to move them and park there. They don’t own the street.

I’m looking forward to going again and looking for an excuse to do so. Wait…I’m eating at least two more meals today, so…

I’ve seen a lot of mentions about this but haven’t paid much attention and didn’t realize it’s a chain. How about validated parking in the garage? I think either Peska or WF does, maybe both. I’m hating how valet parking is becoming so commonplace. One of the several drawbacks to having some national attention to the local food scene and the subsequent entry into the market of many new players wanting a slice of the pie. We’re seeing a lot of concentration of restos in a few neighborhoods.

Oh, and about the food. Yeah, they should have a cheese platter, too. But it looks interesting and I’m not much on Italian food.

Was just looking at the Press this AM and their rundown of best eats in Midtown. Fluff Bake Bar has a charcuterie plate! With Houston Dairymaids cheeses! (Added to my list).

Thanks for the report.