North China Houston

We haven’t been since they left Memorial for the I-10/Hwy6 location so we slithered west last Saturday.

Our app of 2 and a half spare ribs came on an elongated plate that had to be two feet long and dominated the table. They were not good but the freebie won ton chips were.

The Wifeacita got her favorite sizzling rice soup with shrimp and pork. I got won ton soup which is quite good with a dark broth. I also got Mandarin hot shrimp which I have enjoyed in the past.

Other than the ribs everything was great and we’ll be going again and would like to meet some of you people there.

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I haven’t been there in years. I am unashamedly an American-Chinese fan. Their menu is truly North China, and I struggle to find the familiar. Were they busy? I wouldn’t mind a tutorial from the Oysters. :heart_eyes:

Interesting story.



It looks like most of the standards are there.

More so than I recall.