NorCal Night Market (Pleasanton)

The producers of the Asian inspired 626 Night Market in SoCal are doing something in Pleasanton at the Alameda Fairgrounds from July 27 to 29, 3-11pm. Vendors so far are a mix of SoCal and locals.

Anyone going?

I only vendor list I found is this- and there is only 8 so far.

They mention some others like Uji Time on the FB page:

Map and vendor list

I’m not willing to take one for the team on this one, but hope to hear feedback from others!

If I live in SF or Oakland, it’d be pretty challenging to head out to the burbs for events like these. I live in the burbs, and I found it just as challenging to head to the ‘other burbs’.

I guess its mostly catered to the Chinese population living in the trivalley area and Fremont.

It is too far for me. It a big place and not easy to get around the fairground. I will wait for someplace closer.

Yikes. Facebook groups are reporting traffic, long waits for parking, and long lines for food.

A Facebook friend went last night. He said that the lines were like 100 people long. He never did get anything to eat & left… So disappointing. Went to the one in Richmond B.C. several years ago & was blown away by the variety & quality of the food on offer!

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You’ll probably get your food faster flying to Richmond, or Taipei.


Snark aside, going to a fair like this with a hundred vendor is like going to opening night of a restaurant, only 100x worse. The logistics is so complicated that nobody knows what to expect. Subpar experience and disappointment is likely to be expected. Just like the Sunnyvale market a few years ago.

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Ah… the reports remind me of that one Ramen festival that was held in Japantown a few years ago.

Shame I was hoping that the night market would do well. But as rwcfoodie mentioned, the Richmond one seemed quite well run but there is a major difference there and how the NorCal (and even the 626/OC night markets are run). Just look at the times that they have open: (Friday - Sunday) from May 11th to October 8th. That’s an insane run time and doesn’t put pressure for everyone to go at once.

Also not too certain how great the Alameda County Fairgrounds are for a location (seems… like no one on this board is even close) but wondering if San Mateo or Santa Clara fairgrounds might’ve been easier


Well I have been to the ones in Richmond and Taipei and found both wonderful. The food was better in Taipei and much more to pick from. There was a stall that made xlb to order for about 100 Taiwan dollars for 8 hot and fresh. Also there was fresh seafood and Indian/Chinese dishes. I will be back there later this year and will take better notes. Also loved the street food in Thailand which has two sets of vendors for day and nite food in the same area.

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The problem with the night markets in Pleasanton and Sunnyvale is that they are temporary fairs that run for a few days a year, so its at best a Asian-themed Off-the-grid food truck meet, made larger.

Whereas the ones in Taipei are there every night. And the good stalls are well known and well established. So its not a situation where organizers just get whoever who’s willing to sign up.

For anyone who wants to give it a try, there will be a reappearance of NorCal Night Market Sept. 21 to 23, from 3 to 11 p.m., same location. Event website is