Nor Cal olive oil in quantity?

Wondering if anyone buys regional California (eg Sacramento valley, central coast, etc) olive oil in quantity? I had a friend who used to drive to Sacramento every fall and come back with gallons in jars to use over winter. Sounds like a fun family trip. Did some googling and have found a few farms that ship. Also:
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Would love your recommendations.

We’ve found Napa Valley Olive Oil Mfg Co to have really good oil. I’d think, though, that small farms in the Central Valley would be less expensive.

Thanks–$35 for .5 gallons sounds acceptable. Have you been to the farm? Website says they have a store and picnic tables.

I’ve always loved going to the Napa Valley Olive Oil store. It smells so wonderful when you walk in, and the olive oil is great.

I haven’t tried these, but I’d like to.

IL fiorello

In Vacaville

Not what you’re asking for, but this seems interesting. I keep missing these events.

We’ve only been to the store, which is way more than olive oil and pretty cool, as TheLibrarian28 says. We buy the 1/2 gallon family blend and find it to be a good value, quality oil (though I usually buy single variety California oils when I can.


Sigonas Palo Alto has a selection of local olive oils in bulk. In the back, there is a nook.

Just thought of this. We Olive is a franchise business with most of its stores in California and all its oils from here. It’s pricier than Napa Mfg but the oils are very good.

My husband has been getting olive oil from Burroughs. I don’t know if it qualifies as Nor Cal. We get it shipped to Boston, which is a bummer, but he likes the product.

Olive Crush in San Carlos and Half Moon Bay has bulk oil.

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Thanks all!

Monterey county tasting and pressing facility
Paso Robles site is under construction but “trail” implies tasting available

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That looks fun! Thanks for reporting!