Noodling in Houston

I came across this article at the optometrist today -

Kind of interesting that it’s in Texas Highways - the only one of the restaurants mentioned I’ve heard of is Strings, which I saw a mention of a couple of months ago and forgot. Maybe I’ve just been missing mentions of these places in the local foodie media.

Whatever. I need to get out and do some slurping.


You were at the optometrist and could still read it?

There are some nice looking photos on yelp.

Thanks. I hadn’t even thought to check yet.

They didn’t put the dilators in until the last half hour. I have an infection that has been making my eyes extra-sensitive to bright light so the trip home was harrowing. I used both my polarized clip-ons and the temporary glasses they give you and still had to squint like crazy. I needed a self-driving car…

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I had a work related eye injury back in the 1880’s. Okay, I shot myself in the eye with a rubber band tearing my cornea while fooling around at work.

The pain was terrible in sunlight so I had to drive from Almeda Mall to Sharpstown with one hand covering the eye and the other on the wheel.

The eye doctor put some drops in that gave instant relief. I love that lady to this day.

Let’s make this food related. I was starving so I went to the Pizza Hut on Hillcroft, back when they used real ovens instead of conveyor belts and the pizza wasn’t bad at all. I had a cast on one hand from a football broken hand and a patch over my eye and the girl at the counter says “ewww, what happened to you?”


WTH?? They use conveyor belts???

Mr. O, you are accident prone.

BTW, my ophthalmologist at Houston Eye Centers just retired early, so I guess I contributed my share.

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All the major chains use a conveyor system, even Spring Branch Daddy O’s. Accident prone? I’ve had a computer laptop bundle and a 65 inch television dropped on my head at work by fellow employees and being the injured party, I got drug tested.


Did you get a decent severance package? :wink:


No severance, still employed, good thing it didn’t happen 30 years ago.