Noodles Pho Me, San Leandro report w/ PICS

Tried out Noodles Pho Me in San Leandro. They don’t have a parking lot, only street parking. It wasn’t hard to find parking, we got a spot across the street.

First timers get to try the 3 broths before picking out the noodle soup base. I liked the Khao Poon broth and Khao Soy. We ended up getting medium of Khao Soy noodle soup. Medium is pretty big, maybe next time I’d get the small.

Khao Soy - flavorful & slightly salty fermented soybean & fresh tomato in ground pork broth. Flat rice ho fun noodle mixed w/ sliced cabbage, green onion, bean sprouts, cilantro w/ mint & lemon wedge. Combo w/ seafood-shrimps, fish ball, fish cake for $1.99 more. Small $10.50/M $11.75/L $12.95.

Basil eggplant w/ tofu $12.50 - it comes with rice either regular or sticky. Hubby didn’t want rice, I should have asked for the rice though since I ended put paying too much! My receipt showed $13.95 which was meat and not the $12.50 I was expecting to pay - of course I didn’t notice until I got home! Eggplants were charred so not as smooth as I usually like, tofu was soft cubes that I liked.

Thai iced tea $3.25 - It was a tall glass filled to the very top. I liked it.

Separate bathrooms in back. Women’s 3 stalls, 2 sinks.

Closed Wed
M, T, Th, F 11-3; 5-8
Sat & Sun 11-8

Noodles Pho Me
377 Bancroft Ave, San Leandro


Wow, the medium looks huge!

Did you have to ask to try all three bases, or do they ask you if it’s your first time?

yes, the Medium is huge. I had leftovers of my noodle soup.
You get to try all three bases, but for the 2 of us they make us share! I want my own!

Are they Laos or Vietnamese, or kinda pan SE Asian?

I remember Luke Tsai writing about this place a few years ago.

They are Laotian. On their website you can see their KQED Check Please episode.


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We showed up at Noodles Pho Me on Memorial Day after our original plan of going to Lao Tae (closed), Daughter Thai (long wait), Imm Thai (no one answered the phone) fell through. So we went to Noodles Pho Me. I didn’t remember anything about @hhc’s report or Luke Tsai’s piece. All I remembered about Noodles Pho Me was that its the place where they let you sample the three noodle broth.

So I was a bit surprised when I saw the Lao menu that its not Vietnamese. And the server also confirmed the chef was Laotian as well. So I guess we ended up substituting one Laotian place for another.

Like hhc, we also liked the khao poon and khao soy broth. so we ordered the large version of each.

Khao poon. Creamy coconut milk based broth with round rice noodle with plentiful succulent shredded chicken (I believe its thigh). Delicious.

Khao soy. Fermented soy bean added a little bit of funk and to the broth with plenty of tomato and ground pork. Despite how red it looked, the Khao soy was not spicy at all. Salty-savory. Good.

Overall, Noodles Pho Me is a good homey Laotian noodle joint. We don’t go to San Leandro much, or we’ll be there more often.


Noodles Pho Me almost closed, and now will last till end of year after the landlord lowered their rent payment.

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