Noodles and Things (Millbrae)

Gave this place a shot for lunch.

Had a small order of their braised duck and thought they did a good job. Can taste the master sauce/lo sui within and the duck surprisingly didn’t seem too fatty.

Came with this garlic vinegar sauce that I didn’t think was necessary for enjoyment. I’m not too versed in Teo Chew cuisine so hopefully someone can give more background. I just presumed it might help cut down extra fattiness?

I went with the mixed housemade combo of well meatballs and some extra choy sum to the rice noodles. The meatballs consist of beef, cuttlefish, fish, pork, and shrimp along with some shrimp cake. There was one of each meatball and two fish cakes. I thought they were mmm okay haha. Seemed a little too solid for the pork and beef balls. Broth was nice, I liked it more than 9 noodles though technically their chicken broth is really just chicken based.

Mom opted for the veggie combo and the thin rice noodles. I don’t think the dish is really vegetarian though since its still the same house broth.

Lastly ordered a side of fried shrimp cake. I’d probably skip ordering this next time, as I didn’t find it super special. It was crisp but… mm… dunno, didn’t really stand out to me.

Overall I liked the place, but not willing to wait there.

Oh and I can’t recall if the shanghai dumpling place in SSF (next to Cheung Hing) was ever mentioned, but it looks like it closed and its now being replaced with Hing Leung: