Nonna's Citi Cucina (Englishtown, NJ)

Nonna’s had been mentioned across many threads but I don’t think it has a dedicated one. Had another outstanding meal there tonight. We took my grandma there for her 90th birthday. This is my fourth or fifth visit and I have never had a bad meal (or cocktail) there. From my experience, they do not fool around with drinks. Usually, I get a Manhattan but tonight opted for a martini. It was excellent. Prices are not bad. You get a ton of food, and some of the best bread/accouterments around.



Fried calamari tossed with cherry peppers and fried zucchini

Chicken parm and rustic mashed potatoes

Other meals ordered tonight: frutta di mare, pasta bolognese, and the “Sunday Sauce” dinner with one meatball, one sausage, and a large short rib.


That looks like a nice night. I wonder if that zuc is freshly cut? Most stuff is frozen but can be delicious still (barnacle bills)

What sauce came with it too?

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I’ve been there a few times and have never had a bad meal. The Rt. 9 corridor isn’t really that local for me so I don’t make a habit of eating that way too often, but Nonna’s is always a good option if/when I’m in the area. (So is La Cuccina in the BWW’s plaza)

I think it is fresh. I thought Barnacle Bill’s was too?

Sauce is a garlic aioli.

No they taste fresh but it is a big frozen bag of them. I’m not complaining. I love those!


Could have fooled me! Always seem fresh cut. Maybe because they are thick and you can actually taste the zucchini. Most versions are limp and mostly breading.