non-touristy NYC pizza tours? [any borough]

Does anyone have any experience with these tours? I want to give one as a gift to a native NYer who is allergic to tourists but would really enjoy such a tour all the same. Thank you for any ideas!

Eating with Ziggy is a blog I like. He recently became a licensed tour guide and set up his own service called Eating with Ziggy Tours. While they are for small groups of tourists, he also does private tours. Perhaps he could put together a pizza tour just for your friend. Hopefully, the cost will not be prohibitive.

Btw, the only pizza tour I’ve ever been on was put together by a few people on another food forum on which I participate.

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Thanks, great tip! I am now a fan of his blog, too, thanks to you. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome re: both! If you do arrange a pizza tour with Ziggy, I hope you’ll report back and tell us which pizza spots your friend will visit. Perhaps you can get your friend to post here about his experience.

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Will do!

I’ve been to a few meal meet ups with Ziggy (not his real name) before he became a tour guide and he’s friendly, funny, and really knows about spots off the beaten path that new yorkers like myself aren’t even aware of!
Just email his contact on his blog and let him know what you’re thinking / budget/number of people

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