Non-NJ recommendations

I know this kind of defeats the purpose of the NJ board in some way- but quite honestly I did a quick check and nothing comes up for the spot I’m looking for advice on. Also, I’ve come to know and trust the choices of the posters in our NJ community so I know if someone is naming a spot it’s legit. SO I’d figured I’d start an outside NJ thread of anyone of us who is traveling out of bounds but could use advice. Selfishly, I’m starting it for my own gain of course…lol

Hoping some people have spent some time somewhat recently in the De beach areas of Bethany, Fenwick, and the like. Have a few spots I liked last time we went but was nearly 10 years ago so def not sure what’s “fresh” these days other than yelp (help!!!)… Looking for family friendly spots preferably away from Ocean City (Greg, checked your blog as well- but looks like you guys mostly hit up the OC only) and no more north than Rehoboth. (not making it easy I know). Also, any good markets, etc I’m all ears…thanks in advance to anyone popping in and maybe we can make this a useful thread for others in the future as well!

I have friends who live there–let me check with them and I’ll get back to you with some ideas!

Ah yes, I have a whole page of non-NJ reviews, but all of the ones in the area you are looking are limited to Ocean City and Berlin, Maryland. I have only one Delaware review (Smyrna) and it is not a place I would recommend.

Fenwick is actually a place I want to hit up next time I’m down that way.

When exactly are you going? Ocean City is actually wonderful in the off-season. The past few years I have gone in March or December. Sure, some restaurants are closed for the season but those that are open are not crowded. There are also some arcades on the boardwalk still open, as is Thrasher’s French Fries. Then there are three or four indoor mini-golf places with no lines to be seen anywhere-- you can play at your leisure. The nearby town of Berlin is the antique capital of Maryland, so they say, and there are tons of shops and restaurants there. The outskirts of OC also boosts some major outlet stores, which are probably less than 10 years old.

I used to go to OC every summer as a child. As an adult, I do not miss the massive crowds, three hour waits in restaurants, and being behind 50 people in mini golf. I’ll sacrifice laying on the beach in the summer sun for such comforts. That and the Hilton drops their oceanfront suite prices from $800 a night (peak season) to under $100. One time, we stayed in luxury for $79 a night!


And…a quick response from my friends in DE:

Dogfish Head Pub
Sting Ray
Salt Air - higher end [I’VE been there and really enjoyed it–in fact, I went before they did!]
Lupo’s Italian Kitchen
Mariachi for Mexican - have not been

Woody’s - haven’t been there but supposed to have the best crab cakes

Don’t know about Bethany or Fenwick. I guess we stick pretty much to north of Rehoboth!

Not sure what he meant by markets. Fresh Market in Rehoboth has good seafood and in spring/summer there is a Farmer’s Market on Tuesdays.

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thanks Curlz- will def look at the Rehoboth spots, might be fun for a day out.

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unfortunately we’re going smack dab in middle of tourist season. (I’m type who needs to have most of the spots picked by Feb…but my overdoing it really evens out the rest of the crew we’re heading down with)…Try to stay away from OC for just that reason…matter of fact we Get a spot with a pool so we don’t even have to visit the beach that much…
As my one recommendation (been like 8 years so keep in mind) was that there’s a restaurant group called SoDel concepts that has spots in Fenwick, Bethany, Ocean View and one or two towns that really seemed to be legit and a cut above many of the other spots we had gone to (aka Fagers Island types). Otherwise maybe I’ll run into you at Seacrets; I’ll meet you by the metal detectors…


+1 on dogfish head…low cost, good beer and fun times.

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Yeah, They live about a half mile from Dogfish and they love it!

If I lived there I’d be hanging out at that place often. I like their beer a lot and the food is good pub grub. Yes I’m a rapper in my spare time too :slight_smile:

There is a decent BBQ place out on the highway. It’s a chain I think but actually pretty good and they have some cool bands: Bethany blues. The place is a madhouse. You will have to wait to get a seat from my experience.

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Wonder if the SeaQuench is any cheaper at the source? Really one of only DFH I frequent as moist of thier stuff much like carton seems to be ipa which I don’t like myself but seems to be the rage lately

Dfh has a lot of styles. They make a lot more than hoppy beers. Download their app.

Ps, they have beers you can’t get here too. They only put it out locally and I think sometimes only at their brewery and restaurant.

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The Back Porch in Rehoboth is off the chart. Once inside the porch you could be in Santa Monica, Cartagena, Amagansett, Provincetown, so close to the mayhem, yet in an oasis of epicurean bliss. There are more than a few good places in Lewis, DE, but we’re partial to The Buttery, and, truth be told, A Taste of Italy in Lewes is as good as any place on Arthur Ave. And take the ferry to Cape May, it’s a definite pleasure cruise. Of course The Back Porch is an experience best enjoyed when the temp is at least four times the current 15 degrees.

A Taste of Italy IS terrific! It’s one of my friends’ favorite spots, too—according to them it’s the closest to NJ Italian they can find. I suspect they didn’t mention it because it’s further north in Lewrs.

WE’ll prob take ferry to get there- so we may stop at Taste of Italy for some stuff. I’m just glad I found a new Harris Teeter in the area so I don’t have to suffer between Giant and Food Lion.


Oh, yes–I’ve heard complaints about the grocery stores since they moved down there (about 4 years ago)…they have some new spots, but whenever they visit NJ, they buy bread and some other staples that they say are better from here. As my friend says, “They don’t call it Lower Slower Delaware” for nothing… (and yes, there are tons of LSD bumper stickers there)

[quote=“Metsfan53, post:15, topic:16149”]
Food Lion

Wow, Food Lion still exists.

They were in Houston for what seems like a week before being run out of town on a rail. Competition is fierce, not seeing what they were thinking trying to crack this market.

In high school and college the girlfriend and I may or may not have laid on the Galveston beach for hours where the surf washed up.

We were restored to life by a little Cajun place in an old house that served four things, shrimp creole, beef tips, gumbo, and French bread, all exquisite. It’s been closed for years and I still miss it.

If I tried that other stuff today I’m certain my head would explode. There are many other stories…