Noma Is Emptying Itself for Auction

The auction will be held in Chicago and streamed live online beginning at 8 a.m. 2 November.

I don’t know why they are shipping to sell things in US. For used objects, they are quite expensive. Not sure if they worth the hype (wooden spoons, bowls). The furniture and ceramics are beautiful though.

I must say restaurant furnitures typically don’t look that good from all the use.

One burger joint here uses real Emeco Navy chairs in their restuarant. Supposed to be real sturdy and quality chairs, but they all look pretty beaten up.

We were in our favourite Sydney restaurant (Cicada - since closed) and were commenting on how comfortable the chairs were. My wife pulled out a card that was on the table that said the restaurant was redecorating and everything was for sale. So bill was $100 for food plus $200 for 8 chairs. We went round the next days and chose our chairs then picked them up a few weeks later.

They were a bit scuffed around the bottom of the legs but a little TLC made them look good - and they are still going strong ten years later - they are pretty sturdy.


I may like a mini version of this herb incubator at home, great for winter!


Interesting, one of my new favorite restaurants in my area (Monmouth County, NJ) is called Blue Grotto, I’ve become a big fan of the place. They have these large plush blue leather bar stools made by legendary car maker Lamborghini. I forget the price, but I want to say they claim each stool was $10k? I"m not joking, I do believe that is what they said it cost to have these stools made. Not only are they large and plush, they have the best hydraulic piston for height adjustment of any chair I have ever sat in. I cannot verify the price, but I will say it is far beyond any bar stool or adjustable stool of any kind that I have sat on. I would love to have a couple of these for my house!

Anywho quick funny story, I google imaged the restaurant to see if I could find a picture of the bar stools to share with this post. As I was looking through the google pics there was one of a fantastic looking tomahawk rib eye, which I didn’t think they served so I clicked the picture to see the origins of the picture, it was from one of my posts here!! Hahahahahaaaaaa I sure hope I enjoyed it because I don’t recall ever having it!!! Also glad to see our little spot on the internet here is turning up in various search engine searches!


You mean these?

How the “F” did you come up with this? I seriously searched my a$$ off. lol Yes!! Those are them!! Too bad you can’t see the Lambo insignia on them. Nice!! Thank you!!


I"m just shy of 6’4" and always around the 300lb mark, and seldom do I find chairs to be comfortable let alone “secure”. Let me tell you these babies wrap me up and feel sturdy as hell when I’m sitting on them.

Here, I found another one.

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Alright naf, nobody likes a show off. :smile:

Looks like you can buy the catalog for 50 bucks (memo to self: add copy to the coffee table!) - but have to actually get the stuff you win (if you win(!)) shipped from Copenhagen (leastways thats how I read ! )

sheessh though, nothing is cheap, and I cant see anything going below the high end of the guide price…

Thanks, I just download a copy of the catalogue, I have to say it is quite beautifully made.

I like this image, the end of an era.

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I wonder they price it according to the real value of Scandinavian craftsmanship / design or more as a souvenir of a “legendary” restaurant.

Sad to see them go

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