Noma [Copenhagen]

More words have been written than I could possibly add to, but suffice to say it was good. Very good.

Here’s a photographic snapshot of where it was last week:

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Good indeed! Do you have a recap the dishes? It will be nice to know what they are.

How long beforehand did you make the reservation? Could you choose the date for your meal or you need to plan your trip according to their availability?

I have a menu somewhere which I’ll take a photo of…

In terms of reservations, I had a work trip to Copenhagen and went on the waiting list for a Friday lunch on the Sunday before - more in chance than any hope - and the food gods smiled on me! No idea how regularly this occurs…

Which dishes did you enjoy the most btw? How did they prepare the duck? And what did they mean by wild duck? Really caught in the wild?

Some of the dishes are mentioned in this photo essay from GQ last month:

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The duck had been shot by Noma’s full time hunter (!) and then cooked in hay IIRC. One of the guests got a bit of shot so you know it’s the real thing.

The stand outs for me were: the black leaf things which were actually black garlic cooked for 40 days till it had a licquorice consistency and reformed into an amazing smoky, rich garlic thing unlike anything I’ve tasted. The frozen monkfish liver on toast - which was on another planet of rich delicacy - think foie like you dream. And the leaves on roasted scallop plate which you scooped up with your hands and all the leaves had been cooked/treated different ways.

Who am I trying to kid - it was all fantastic!

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I would like to taste the garlic dish, the description sounds fantastic already.
The photo with a green translucent disc, is it a dessert?
How about the egg liqueur, how does it taste like?

I’m struck by how many of the dishes have such dark colors.

Yes - a kelp disc with some kind of ice cream underneath. And a kind of glacier lemon thyme garnish.

The egg liqueur is what you always dreamed and hoped eggnog would taste like, but it always never quite does!

Everything was synced in tune with the Danish seasons - so darker, more earthy for autumn with the fish and root vegetables taking precedence.

They mentioned the idea was to move entirely seasonal in the future - so a game season, a totally vegetarian summer etc.

Shot? That duck looks rather small to be aimed at easily…

How was the texture of the duck? I had thought wild fowl has more muscle, which makes them tougher to eat…

The NOMA documentary is releasing this friday:

I just booked us on a trip to Iceland and then on to Copenhagen in December. I drooled over their menu and now am dying just a little looking at your photos. I just can’t bite the bullet and pay that much but living vicariously has a small reward. Congratulations.

Iceland has its own wonderful treats too. Make sure you try Fish Market - one of my favourite meals in recent years featuring a stunning whale tataki.

You will have an amazing time!

I’m already excited!!! And will definitely try Fish Market :slight_smile: Thanks.

You’re my new favorite person :grin: That menu looks incredible! And amazingly one can book as far out as even December!!!

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr