NOLA report, with a focus on outdoor eating [New Orleans]

Sorry, will try that again. I started to write what would have been a much too long report and ran out of time. So I deleted and started again.

I am mainly a poster on the Ontario board, but we just did a trip to New Orleans last week. Because we are still COVID-nervous, we only ate on patios and did takeout, which limited our options significantly and prevented us from returning to some previous favourites. It’s a bit of a grab bag:

French Truck Coffee

  • aromatic beans, great coffee, great cold brew.


  • lovely courtyard patio; Paris Between the Wars is an awesome cocktail; excellent frying on the crackling crusted boudin; surf and turf was a nice combo of fried oysters and tender suckling pig.

Fat Boy Pantry

  • tried this because it was near where we were staying; great fried lobster po’ boy (do add the bacon and avocado)

Grand Isle

  • very nice version of a Hurricane sans drink crystal mix; good char-grilled oysters and superlative fried smoked oysters; tasty blackened drum with a delicious crawfish cream sauce.

Mother’s (takeout lunch)

  • still a tasty fried oyster po’ boy (nice crunch); red beans and rice were undersalted; jambalaya was a bit oversalted.


  • nice streetside patio on St. Charles; excellent Sazerac; nice Pimm’s Cup; chicken, tasso, andouille gumbo very dark and full of umami; fantastic lamb and mushroom pappardelle; amazing chicken fricasse with crawfish and celeriac puree; desserts were too sweet and unremarkable.

Cochon Butcher (lunch)

  • muffaletta was served was and was very enjoyable, although the olive salad seemed more like slaw; sausage plate featured smoked deer, boudin, and andouille - all delicious.

Toup’s Meatery

  • very casual, perhaps too casual (and not always helpful) service; cocktails sounded more interesting than they tasted; crispy turkey necks were too dry and salty under the coating; delicious headcheese; mustard-crusted venison loin was perfectly cooked over some yummy barley.

World Famous Corporation Bar and Grill (takeout lunch)

  • catfish po’ boy - nicely fried and moist fish; crawfish pie - nice crust and a tasty etouffee-ish filling; good jamabalya.

Commander’s Palace (takeout due to rain)

  • wonderful tasso-brined & cold-smoked corn fried florets of cauliflower with roasted garlic whipped Creole cream cheese; delicious crawfish tails with mirilton salad and fish fritters; prosecco-poached crab over pecan-crusted drum - amazing overall; miso seared hake was a bit too salty, but very flavourful; strawberry shortcake and pecan pie were both very good, though the crust of the latter tasted a bit of fridge.

Atchafalaya (brunch)

  • strawberry mimosa and rum milk punch were both delightful; tasty crab and shrimp gumbo with toasted rice; interesting combo of duck confit, blackberry, and mango into a hash with a poached egg; breakfast risotto was a bit salty, but otherwise great combo of crumbled sausage and rice with a poached egg and hollandaise; peach waffle worked well as dessert.


  • Blacker the Berry and Smokey Sicilian (cocktails) had lovely layers of complexity; warm fluffy buns; crawfish pie with flaky pastry and a sumptuous filling; perfectly fried alligator; great combo of duck egg, morels, and bowfin caviar; decadent sausage stuffed pork should with a crispy rind of fat; strawberry “shortcake” (was really more a sponge cake) very good.

Gumbo Shop

  • went for sentimental reasons (ate there years ago, have the cookbook); crawfish remoulade salad very generous with fresh-tasting crawfish; great versions of crawfish etouffee and jambalaya; OK macque choux corn; fine bread pudding.

Cafe du Monde

  • same as 10 and 20 years ago.

Trenasse (brunch)
not the most picturesque patio, but it was available; mocha martini and ginger julep were fun drinks; fork-tender beef grillades in a luscious sauce over cheesy grits; flaky blackened pompano smothered in crawfish etouffee also excellent.

Hope this helps anyone else who is not quite ready for indoor dining yet.


That sounds like a (mostly) amazingly delicious trip!! Thanks for taking the time to tell us about it!