Noble Sandwich Co. - AUSTIN, TX

I really love this place, Noble Sandwich Co. (formerly Noble Pig, until the inevitable trademark lawsuit).* Everything is scratch made. Two locations in Austin and one in Georgetown. I try to get here when in or near Austin, ditto for the Texas Chili Parlor, my other weakness in the weird town of Austin.

Last time I had the Noble Pig Sandwich which is their supreme reigning sandwich, IMO. This time I went with the Cuban, add bacon, because their bacon is so amazing. Fries for the side, made to order. Other sides are brussels sprouts, slaw, potato salad and more. My ever-patient side-kick had the beef tongue sandwich with brussels sprouts and loved it. They open at 10 a.m. for lunch and we were standing at the door. Open at 8 a.m. on weekends for breakfast.

This place is definitely worth a stop when in the area.

  • speaking of infringement lawsuits, I saw recently that Habanera and the Gringo is now Habanera and the Guero. Apparently Gringo’s got all worried. Anyway, it’s been getting great reviews for a few years now, seems like one of our motley crew made it over there (near Hobby) some time ago.


If anyone can explain why the Texas Chili Parlor website is in Malaysian, I’d be happy to know.

Not Malay, but Indonesian.

Google Translator gives me this from the homepage:

Welcome to Texas Chili Parlor

Welcome to visitors, this is one of the best original eating places in Texas from Casino198.

Equipped with a famous restaurant license from Texas, TCP makes you your favorite place to eat.

Aside from the “famous restaurant license from Texas”, Casino 198 appears to be an online Indonesian gambling site. My guess is either someone affiliated with TCP owes a bunch of money to them, or their website has been hacked.


We used to walk to the TCP from Jester dorm back in 19…uhm…

Well, let’s just say it was “several” years ago.

Da heck?

Jester. Hahaha

I drove in from the holy land that year. College Station. But mostly for Conan’s Pizza on 6th St.

Penthouse baby! 14th Floor.

We had a fantastic view of the capitol. We ran our RA off the first month and never saw him again. True story.

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Oh I believe you! Jester was the prototype for Animal House, I think! :grin: I remember the staff getting back at the kids though by poisoning the entire dorm in the cafeteria.

Another legendary place from those halcyon days was Jorge’s Tex-Mex, where the margaritas were (allegedly) spiked with Everclear. Of course it was legal for college kids to drink back then, and they did, in massive quantities.

Yeah. My sophomore year I lived off Riverside near Casita Jorge’s. They would only serve you two margaritas at lunch.

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I loved their duck pastrami sandwich. Their beef pastrami was okay.

The owners of Noble Sandwich Co were doing popups for Interstellar BBQ last summer and they’ll turn the 620 location into a bbq restaurant:

I like dropping by the Burnet location whenever I’m going to Pinthouse Pizza for a beer (not really into the pizza there). Mac n gouda is my go-to at Noble.

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I don’t get to Austin much, but when I do I go to Noble. Sad to see it is closing. When I was last there, I urged them to open in Houston, I think they would do well here, especially with the sudden boom in sandwich mania here. Nonetheless, some of the new sandwich places here have already closed so much is expected. Rhotey Rotisserie and an East Hampton Sandwich Co. Montrose location come to mind.