Noah Cho: The Love of Korean Cooking I Share With My White Mother


Months later, he was dead. Again my mother made us soups for us for the holidays: the annual turkey soup; split-pea in December, following our Christmas ham. Numb with grief, I remember I was determined to feel what my father had felt near the end, to eat the spicy foods he had craved—to push myself to try first Tabasco sauce, and later the jangs and pastes and powders and sauces to which I still turn today. I look to such foods when I desperately want to feel something while eating. When I want to remember my dad.

Noah Cho

Noah Cho teaches middle-school English in the San Francisco Bay Area. His writing has appeared on NPR’s CodeSwitch, Shondaland, The Atlantic, and The Toast. He spends most of his free time going on hikes with and taking photos of his doggo, Porkchop.

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Wonderful read. Thank you for posting.

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Also agree with RedJim. I saw another piece by him at the end and read that one as well. It’s about how his parents met back in the 70’s. His mother was pretty and very Polish.

I looked up photos of Korean beef soup mentioned in the story. Sounds good. But then I’m a soup fiend.

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