No Passport Required

Anyone else watching this new show with Marcus Samuelsson exploring the food of various US cities? I’ve seen the first two and have enjoyed them. And please, I don’t want to compare it to Tony Bourdain’s shows - two very different styles.


I have watched the first two episodes using the PBS app. I like the show so far but I wish the host would ask more questions about the food while conveying life in that specific neighborhood.

It’s an unfortunate title. Too resonant of No Reservations.

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This is on regular PBS, not Create? I’ve not seen it. Time to call my local station.

I downloaded the PBS app and was able to watch the show via iPad so I could catch it on my own schedule.

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Cool :sunglasses:I don’t believe it is scheduled here.
I didn’t know there was a PBS app. Thanks! :slight_smile:

You can also watch from the web:

The first six (I think) episodes are available on PBS. I watched the first two. Just not my thing. The host is pretentious, talks down to his audience, and clearly has a political agenda. The first episode was off-putting. The second one was a real trial that I sat through to see if there was any value to me at all.

I won’t watch any more. It’s just too painful for too little value. Guy Fieri for public television - all show and no meat.


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How did I miss this? Within the last year my city got split between the PBS SF Bay area and the PBS Sacto valley. I LOVED it when we got both. Very different sensibilities.

I haven’t watched this yet, but mad props to Marcus who I think has made some awkward and difficult choices.

This show returns Monday 20th with LA and Houston on the 27th. I don’t know how I have missed this show, it looks great.

But Comcast charges for prior episodes. :hushed:

Ironically…I’m watching on PBS Passport

…I think. I haven’t watched the season yet, but used PBS in 2019.

here’s the thread. I don’t know how to link this.

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