No mo' momos

Its amusing to see that we one of our fine export is the -gate terminology for scandals. Momogate- lol. But come on, if MSG is what its despised, MSG is what they should go after.


Some indian politicians will go after anything to get their name in the news. MSG is used in Indian cooking pretty often. Not sure why he decided to target momos (which are Tibetan/Nepalese) specifically. Sounds like he’s got an issue with Tibetan/Nepalese people since he’s not saying anything about Chinese food or McDonalds or anything.

Also not sure why the article decided to use a picture of a Maryland based soup dumpling. There are pictures of momos online everywhere!

No need to limit this to Indian politicians, of course. I also had wondered about the term momos which I’ve only heard in conjunction with Nepalese food.

About the pic: I would certainly think there would be some Nepalese/Tibetan food available in the DC area but maybe not.

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