No Limit's Cafe, Middletown NJ

I know this was mentioned in some thread here quite awhile ago, but here is an update. Finally opened!!! Congratulations on a noble cause.


I love this idea! I hope it really takes off!


I’ve been following them on Instagram for a while… Love the concept, and for those in the area with time, they’re always posting that they need volunteers. The only hitch is you need to put in a long shift because the folks working there need the continuity.


This sounds like an idea I could get behind.

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Maybe a HO down?


Posted 10 mins ago:

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Definitely a cool idea and good cause. I wish them well and will have to make it over here soon.

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That’s great!


I would definitely check with them to see if they want to set a size limit on groups.

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They’ve just announced that phone and online ordering for pickup will be available Thurs-Sun starting tomorrow… very happy that this crew can get back to work! I follow them on Instagram and they’re really inspiring.


So we’ve gotten take out from No Limits Cafe a couple of times since they’ve opened and let me tell you they are for the most part putting out excellent food. This Sunday my wife and I split an excellent Roast Beef sandwich(that was actually meant for my son but he refused to eat) and a perfect turkey club.

The Roast Beef was a perfect medium rare with carmelized onions and an excellent herb aioli. The sandwich normally comes with arugula and jack cheese which we had removed for my son but I think would make the sandwich every better. I believe the roast beef is cooked in house and seemed to be eye round which always makes an excellent roast beef sandwich. Also was on a very nice roll.

The turkey also seems to be cooked in house and had excellent flavor with quality bacon. The bread was nicely toasted and held up well to the trip.

The third item we got was their chicken chimmichuri and sub out salmon for the chicken. I ate this for lunch today as the two sandwiches were more than enough for my wife and I. The salmon was cookef medium and I enjoyed the sauce. The sides that come with it were all delicious.

The only miss is the chicken tenders that my daughter ordered. They are a typical type that a lot of places order which is fine. The reason I call it a miss is both times they haven’t had a lot of color like maybe the oil is n’t hot enough. Same thing with the tater tots they come with not very golden color.

All in all they live up to their slogan of eating well. If you haven’t already please give them a try.