No free range eggs in the UK due to avian flu

Although it doesnt say so, I assume this will similarly impact on eggs labelled as “organic” as well as those labelled “free range”.

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Argh!! I guess you’ve really serious cases? I haven’t heard the disruption of free-range eggs even under bird flu period in here. I read a bit, the first outbreak this H5N1 in France was november 2021. Especially serious in Germany, Italy and Holland.

I read some of the measures in France:

  • appropriate sheltering of poultry from commercial farms and confinement or netting of poultry yards;
  • prohibition of the organization of gatherings and the participation of poultry originating from the territories concerned;
  • reinforced conditions for the transport, the introduction into the natural environment of game birds and the use of decoys;
  • ban on racing pigeon competitions departing from or arriving in France until March 31;
  • Compulsory vaccination in zoos for birds that cannot be confined or protected under nets.

I hadnt heard of it until this report. The issue is that the birds have been kept indoors for so long that they can no longer be legally described as free range.

There was a serious case of bird flu in a Derry, NH sanctuary last week. About 80 chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys had to be euthanized due to wild ducks which were carrying the disease landing in the sanctuary’s pond and infecting the flock. They only found out about it because 5 of the turkeys suddenly died last week. After contacting the state veterinarian, who determined they had the avian flu. The sanctuary owner said “They said, ‘Your farm is amazing. It’s immaculate. It’s clean. You did everything right. This isn’t your fault,’” Brendena Fleming said. “We’re not set up to have nets over an acre of land.”

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