No fat pâté at Bar Boulud

I tend to be of the opinion that fat makes pâté smoother. But curious on what your thoughts are on this pâté?

"Tristan Crepin, the new charcuterie chef at Bar Boulud, intends to up the ante and show that even in charcuterie, flavor isn’t always about fat. “We are doing a lot of pates, which don’t have fat on it, some of it has all of the protein, all of the meat, but without the fat,” says the 28-year-old Parisian, who also worked at Bar Boulud in New York and London. "

Hope someone who has actually tasted a no-fat pate chimes in. Seems so very unlikely.

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Pate without fat is for people who don’t like pate.


That is simply blasphemy.

And he calls himself Parisian … pffff. :wink:

Only one solution.

I’d like to try it. Classical French cuisine has a few non-fat charcuterie preparations that are pretty tasty. I went through a culinary program in the late 2ks that included a beautiful vegetable terrine that was bound with a mousse similar to that you’d use in a quenelle or something like that, which was made from chicken breast meat puree (baby food smooth, passed through a chinois) mixed with stock, some kind of booze (either brandy or sherry,) and lightened by folding in whipped egg whites. It was cooked in a slow oven in a water bath. The mousse itself wasn’t particularly flavorful, but it really put the vegetables front and center on the palate. I’ve got a picture of it kicking around if anybody wants to see it.

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