NJ's Top 20 "coziest" restaurants...........................

The only one on here I’m even vaguely familiar with is # 10 Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten, and from what I’ve heard “cozy” isn’t really how I would describe it.


Whenever I go out to eat, I base my dining decisions on coziness of said establishment. What a stupid article.

Hey!! Why you such a cozy hater? I like being cozy. lol

I don’t need a cozy restaurant, but I do have a list of places I don’t go to in the winter because they are always too cold. For example, most Chinese restaurants that specialize in take-out don’t heat the “dining area” very much/at all. Other restaurants don’t have a vestibule (a space between the outer door and an inner door that keeps the cold air from roaring in every time someone goes in or out). Some of these manage to control the air flow with a barrier or something; others are “wait until spring” places.

What? biergarten is cozy?

lol exactly !!

One of my favorite dining experiences is going to a shitty Chinese place like that in the winter and ordering a bowl of piping hot noodle soup. Even better, getting a bowl of instant ramen (I like this one) and slurping it down outside in freezing weather. BLISS!

Well…maybe we can cozy up one of these days and you can show me what I’m missing out on. :wink:

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Not exactly the offer I was hoping for, buy hey, beggars can’t be choosers right?

On a cold winter day I like sitting next to the rotisserie pit at Linos and tanking some beer. It doesn’t get much better for 7 bucks (if you dont care about ambiance.) You leave all warmed up, smelling like a campfire, and feeling good. They use straight hickory wood.

Actually thinking about this thread (and CJ’s comments about Lino’s) a place that can be rather cozy on these cold nights is the Brickhouse in Neptune. They have a HUGE gas fireplace that really throws off some heat, directly in front of it are their booth seating, if you get one directly in front of the fire place you are certainly feeling it. Their booth’s are actually couches, not typical restaurant booths, so you can snuggle up close to your booth mate/date if you choose too! (don’t get any idea’s joon)

I need to try the Brickhouse and those duck wings.

I really like the Nauvoo fireplace and that ski lodge feel. The food is mediocre but it is nice for drinks and if someone else is paying.

True, that is a very “cozy” spot as well. I’ve said it many times, but it’s sister restaurant Raven and Peach is a long time favorite of mine, due mostly to it’s outdated 80’s decor. lol It can be defined as “cozy” as well, speaking of which, you should give them a try for an excellent steak. You aren’t paying anymore than you are at Ashes, except for a far superior dining experience. (outside the steaks are CAB and not prime/aged…which I’ve started to question if Char’s are either)

Duck wings, and the lamb burger was pretty darn good as well.

The only place on that list we’ve been to is Rocky Hill Inn. When it opened, it got raves from many on CH. It’s near Princeton which meant a 45-minute drive for us. I didn’t find it “cozy,” but even more important, I felt the food was just o.k. I have no recollection of what we ate, but I’m positive it was not the burger Genovese praises since we don’t order burgers for dinner in a restaurant. For us, that’s lunch or brunch food.

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The only thing I love as much as duck is lamb! Def bumping Brickhouse up on my list…

If you happen to like Pabst Blue Ribbon then this place is going to be a home run for you! They have PBR for $1.00 per can, yes $1.00. lol I don’t drink beer, but my first time there I couldn’t resist getting a beer for $1.00 so I had a beer and Martini chaser !!

Ah PBR, my official beer of camping back in the day.

Notsomuch. Bourbon, vodka, red wine…