NJ's newest exclusive restaurant is here.........here in Newark Airport!!!

I saw this on the news this morning and thought it must be a joke. Nope it’s for real and it’s rather intriguing. I no longer do enough business travel to even jokingly be considered, but if any of you are frequent United Flyers and you get an invite you’re not going to use…feel free to let your buddy Jr know. I’ll be glad to review it!!!

Interesting to say the least…


Hmmm interesting.

I recently flew through Terminal C (haven’t connected there in a long time) and was pleasantly amazed by the food court area there. So even if you can’t get it, there is way more than Sbarros, and way better, now.

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Agreed…I flew United last month (I’m generally a JetBlue girl) and was truly amazed by the transformation of Terminal C, including the food offerings. Now if they’d just do SOMETHING with Terminal A…

It seems as if terminal C is about 75% of Newark’s traffic, I too flew it in November. The terminal has been updated for 2-3 years now and there are plenty of decent options…but none that you needed to be invited too until now!!! I want in!!!

I’ve heard the invitation thing while true is mostly hype. Folks have had success just walking up and requesting entry. All depends on how busy they are I guess.

In other words, Reservation for BossaNova {{wink wink - $20 handshake}}…

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My cousin is a United Global Services member and he said he has access (via an invitation)

It’s beyond security, so the invite might be less of a rub than having a boarding pass at the cost of a United ticket to somewhere.

So I went to the airport and left my car running in front of the loading zone. Jumping out I tossed the keys to the valet in the blue uniform. I bypassed the huge line by going around the end and diving through the luggage tunnel. I made it to Classified just in time for my 6:00 dinner reservation. Was it worth all the trouble? That depends if the judge is lenient tomorrow at my sentencing.


I haven’t been, and probably won’t go, but United does send me the invitations occasionally. You click a link, enter your frequent flyer # and last name, and then get access to the menus and reservation request. Here are the food and beverage menus if you’re interested.

UA EWR Classified beverage menu.pdf (51.0 KB)
UA EWR Classified food menu.pdf (140.6 KB)

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I must confess I am intrigued by the “Chili Lobster Texas Toast” at Classified.