NJ's best sub/hoagie shops

40 semifinalists have been announced. Have at it…because I know you will! :grin:

Goooooo Tastee Sub Shop!!! My hometown AND a location 1 mile away from my sons college.


Oceanview Bakery is missing from the list.

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Has anybody been to Mike’s Giant Submarines in Keyport?


and… ?

Kind of the same way I feel about Tasty and White House - “Ehh” (Accompanied by Shoulder Shrug)

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Hadn’t heard much about the place which always leaves me scratching my head.

How do they come up with the places on the list?

I guess there is like a 100 people who read the magazine, probably in their dentists office, who each vote 20 times and BOOM, why thank you, you’re a nominee.

Hoagie haven is garbage…

No carluccios no brennans no dice…


No subway? :slight_smile:

Carluccio’s is more Italian deli than sub shop wouldn’t you say? Don’t get me wrong they make some fantastic subs, but I think that kind of sells them short. Just my opinion.

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Or Jersey Mike’s ???

Yeah right lol. Is blimpies still in business?

Yep. Right next to Quiznos…

Can you believe subway is the 2nd or 3rd largest fast food chain in the world?

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I believe they have more units than Mc Donald’s making them the largest food franchise in the world too. Low buy in/start up with fantastic brand recognition make them a top choice.

On the topic of subs I’ve been eating some nice ones at giannas. I get the di Parma with fresh mozzarella, balsamic and oil, and roasted peppers. The lady only charges me 2.00 more to use the di parma. Seems like a good deal right ; )

Not sure…they could have more locations but mcd is still top dog. I believe KFC is the rage in Asian countries lately.

Correct I’m only speaking physical locations McD revenue eclipse theirs.

That list is effed up and just plain wrong.

KFC has over 5,000 outlets in China alone.

No way Jersey Mike’s is bigger than KFC worldwide.