[NJ] Taste of Summer Culinary Extravaganza

Tuesday , May 1 at the Channel Club Catering Hall. Lots of good restaurants participating:


Tickets are 77.50 each and benefit Lunch Break.

We are going. Anyone interested?

Just bought my tickets!

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Is this the same event that use to be hosted by the Old Mill Inn?

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Was that also a charity event to benefit Lunch Break?

I’ve been to a few events there over the years.

Correct, Big Joe MC’d, Joe Piscapo and Danny Ailello use to be regulars. (Ask me my Piscapo story sometime)

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CentraState is having a similar event April 9:


All proceeds go to CentraState Auxiliary. We are exhibiting at this one.

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Is there a discount for children? My wife is busy that date but I might try to go, figured I would just say I’m your son. (I will let you know as we get closer if I’m going to go or not)