NJ Restaurant Celebrity Sightings......................


He does. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thank you to both of you, far too kind.

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I lived in Los Angeles far too long to be impressed by celebrity.

But @NotJrvedivici is the biggest star I’ve seen in NJ.

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I used to live in the vicinity of Teterboro airport, and just about every restaurant and bakery in the area lays claim to being the go to place for this or that celebrity when they are flying in or out. Harrison Ford gets Pizza at a place called Craig D’s.


I’ve heard of a bunch of 'em, but I’m funny when it comes to recognizing people. I have good memory/recognition for faces of people I’ve “known” or even just spoken to (once) for more than a couple of minutes, but basically never recognize people out of context that I’ve only seen in photos or on screen, including Paul Newman (for heaven’s sake!) in his early-ish middle age, JFK junior at the height of his excessively photo-documented “most eligible bachelor in NYC” days, and the occasional TV news anchorperson in the vicinity of their respective TV studios… I only just realized at the time that I was seeing Stevie Nicks (who I at least know well by sight in photos), and she was even getting out of a limo in full regalia at some sort of event that put in some context…

Most often, if anything, someone will look “familiar” but I only realize who they were later on, often not until the next time I see them “in context” (on screen, etc)

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Me and Baccala

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I once saw Yogi Berra, before he died, (is that a Yogiism :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) at Bistro 18 in Montclair.


Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.

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He did in fact comment on a Steve McQueen movie saying “He must have made it before he died.”


Come the think of it, 10-15 years ago I did see Abe Vigoda on the street in my old neighborhood and realized who he was almost immediately (no doubt it helped that he was in the same sort of hat and big overcoat he so often wore on screen :wink:…) but at the same thinking, “hmmm, but is he still alive?” Got home, Googled him, and discovered that apparently that was the poor guy’s lot in later life - on at least two occasions (iirc) prior to that time already, the “reports of his death had been greatly exaggerated”…:upside_down_face:

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Looks like Lewis Black enjoyed the deli. We never returned after the first try.

Any current sandwich improvements?

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Do NOT mock Eric Estrada. :two_hearts:


So No Ponch, but Baker’s Fair Game!


Since no one’s said it:
Fish and CHiPs.

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Here’s an example of a celebrity sighting in the Teterboro neighborhood.



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Although I’m not currently in NJ I thought this was pretty cool. I’m just soaking up the sun (here in Aruba) and I look over to the chair next to me and there’s the guy from the Geico Insurance commercials!! Sooooo cool!!

(To keep it food related he tasted like chicken)


Good stuff Bob! Looks like an awesome time! It is supposed to be in the 20s tomorrow I heard, we’ll see. Check out this fella. His name is Bob as well and he has a hearty appetite. I need to introduce you fellas.

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That thing looks like it’s ready to take your arm off!! I’ll stick with my little insurance buddy!