NJ resident headed to Milwaukee and Menomonee Falls

Greetings from Asbury Park (really)!

I’m an active member of the NJ board and have just learned that my monthly company meetings have been moved to Menomonee Falls, about 20 miles north of Milwaukee. I’ve already started some research, but if there are truly LOCAL places between MKE and MF, I’d love to hear about them! I’ll have a car and am willing to drive up to 30 mins for the ‘must experience’ dinners, frozen custard, etc. after my work day ends.

Thanks in advance for the assist!

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More threads on Wisconsin too.


Lots of Badger staters on Roadfood, and more threads beyond this ongoing one.

Thank you! I have a friend who used to live near Chicago and she mentioned these… much appreciated.

Awesome; thanks!

This is thread Mr. Roadhouse was referencing.

These are great–thanks SO much! I have quite a list going (including the Public Market)…def plan to try some things and will report back once I do (early next month).

I’m pretty sure you’d be welcome at these semi spontaneous shindigs, but I don’t know what days of the week you’ll be there.

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Thanks! Next trip is pretty booked up, but I’ll keep it in mind…

The Wisconsin cheddar burgers are supposed to be outrageously good.


I grew up there and return frequently. Cheap and amazing- Kopp’s. Biggest burger you’ll ever eat, buuuuut, when you’re done, they have the greatest, made right there, frozen custard. Look online for their flavor of the day. Different lines for burgers/fries and frozen custard. So, you order and eat one, then move to the custard line. They move you along. WARNING: there is like NO place to sit. So, you stand there, parking lot, or inside and mow this mother burger, then take the custard for the drive.

BBQ- Speed Queen (order outside shoulder dinner with mixed sauce). You’ll want to be quick. Tuff neighborhood. Go when the sun shines and you’ll be good. Fancy: Ardent. Cutting edge it is. Traditional: Mader’s German is such a cool place, or, go south to Old Town Serbian Restaurant. Burek and cevapcici sausage. OMG. Triciclo Peru on Vliet if you want the best empanadas. The south side has so many Mexican places, take your pick. BUT, want some personality in a very diverse neighborhood. Oakland Ave. Gyros, Don’t let the name fool you, they can cook legit Greek. Not just Gyros (Chicago Greek). Fun place to eat. Old school, beat up, but great vibe in there. Want a beautiful plate of food? Amilinda. Just lovely dishes. Can’t find a place everyone can agree on? Zocolo food park on the near south side. Beautiful neighborhood now. When I was a kid it’s where you’d go to dump a body. Things have changed. Three Brothers is another Serbian place, but, even though it’s on the south side, it’s right at the south end of the Hoan Bridge, nice neighborhood and cool atmosphere. polonez for Polish. Don’t fear the czarnina (duck blood soup), not how you think it is, if you’ve never had it. Best czarnina anywhere, IMO.

If you like to drink, you’re coming to an alcoholic Disneyland. The land of 10,000 bars awaits.

You might need some Mwaukee lessons. MWAH-kee is the correct pronunciation. Youse-y’all. Youse guyz-ally’all. Jeetyet?- Did you eat yet? “Eh, wanna head out fer a few?”- “Would you like to sit at a bar until neither of us can operate a jukebox, let alone a car.”

Hope this helps. Have a great time. Fun city and relatively safe. Like anywhere, ya take the good with the bad.

Safe travels. Hope you enjoy.