NJ Monthly Best New Restaurants of 2017

Title is self explanatory, I don’t know if they are in any particular order but I’m pleased to see one of my fav’s as #2 on the list Blue Grotto, also further down is Fromagerie.


While I ageee w many of these choices, I also could have named half of them before reading the list, as NJ Monthly has their favorites (like Ryan DePersio, who’s a fantastic chef, but no matter what he does they love it) and of course they give love to their advertisers. Locally, I’m happy to see Barrio Costero here, truly stunned Grand Tavern wasn’t.

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This list, like most, is worth about what you’ve paid for it. The Universe seldom provides a free lunch.

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ETA that without Grand Tavern on the list I can’t fully trust NJM!

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(not to get technical with you Curlz, but you didn’t really Edit To Ad anything you just created a new post. You should really just say: Follow Up To My Previous Post or FUTMPP)

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(That’s because I waited too long to make an edit.) :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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