Nj kombucha

Do any of you guy have favorite spots to get it at? Also, does anyone know where to get it on tap? I was thinking about getting some growlers filled.

I see Costco has some and at least one labeled under their Kirkland brand.

I saw a tap at the whole foods in Spring Lake when we were there last week. I’ve also seen a tap at Dean’s market in Shrewsbury.

I’m pretty sure there’s a kombucha vendor at the Asbury Fresh markets, but since I can’t drink the stuff, no clue of the name. If I’m out there this weekend, I’ll check.

Or…I could Google it! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips guys.

I found this spot which looks really cool. Check the short video out. https://www.finehealthkombucha.com

They do a gallon for 35 with the glass. Then it is 30 a refill. My concern is that it will lose the carbonation by the time I finish a gallon. Any thoughts?

I just picked up 4 bottles of bing z for 2.99 each on sale at foodtown.