NJ Indoor Dining with No Percentage Restrictions Starting May 19

Social distancing and masks while not eating or drinking still required, but restaurants that have spread people out can operate at whatever percentage of capacity results from that.

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In my limited experience, restaurants are already operating with no capacity limits.


Def what I see out there from take out and parking lot watching


They were certainly operating at what seemed like 110% capacity at La Cucina Nouveau a couple of weeks ago. From what I have heard from a regular Jersey shore diner, a large amount of the Jersey shore restaurants have been packed to full capacity for the last month or so.

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Luckily, our restaurant preferences and dining times (usually 1PM) mean we probably won’t see this. (Our one foray up to this point has been Park Place Diner for breakfast on December 26, during a power outage in our development, and it was not at all crowded.)

First on our list of restaurants to return to is Wasabi 34, whose tables were pretty much socially distanced even B.C. (So they will really benefit from this change.) And I’ve never seen more than two or three tables occupied at the time we’ve gone.

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