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There is YET. ANOTHER. new restaurant inside The Berkeley Hotel in AP. Azure.
How do I know? I happened to spot the sign. I think there have been at least 5 places there in the (almost) 9 years I’ve lived here. And I must say the website doesn’t entice me to get there.

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Oh my, sounds like the type of place I will steer clear of.

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Here’s what was on offer at Spinelli’s today:


This sounds great

I saw that yesterday… Fun dip for adults! :rofl:

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Just gonna drop this here. I suspect @joonjoon had something to do with it, but I have no proof.

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Weirdish list.

Glad pizzeria lucci got a nod. I need to get there.

Seafarer is a tiki bar with a food truck.

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Totally useless & clueless article, Seafarer is fun but it is a bar with food trucks. I love the place but a food destination?. Who wrote this someone from Boston.

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Anyone familiar with the new group?

Looks like they run Centrada in Red Bank.

Wow - that’s big news.

Yeah never works out well when these things happen (what’s your beef cough cough)


Great post about Ram and Rooster in Metuchen. Methinks @joonjoon will enjoy this!

Wow a 130$ tasting menu in Metuchen? What a time to be alive!


I still have to laugh about the quote when they first announced they were taking over the Catch 19 spot In Red Bank Green which was “seafood is, unfortunately, one of the most boring restaurants there is,” said DiLeo.

I also thought the food at Centrada was awful the one time I went.

That place went to shit fast once they moved spots and the fabled Mexican or Cuban place they said would open never did. Wish them best of luck but prob won’t be heading there anytime soon