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I’m also a fan of Pastosa with one exception - their bread. Not that it is bad but we usually order a semolina with sesame seeds and about half the time get a “white” bread. This could just be the store I usually go to (in Wall on Route 35) as I’ve never been to any of the other locations.

Good to know!!

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I go to one in Manalapan for a few decades usually a very knowledgeable person behind the counters.
Always get my bread right as I currently can’t eat white flour.
Not 100% sure but I think they get their breads from off premises bakeries.
Semolina is pretty good.


This happened today. (stay tuned)


Looks like you stocked up. Think you’ll like those fresh Ravi’s for sure.
The San Marzano tomatoes are awesome
Basil pesto agnolotti in the back there under the pastry? Thisr and the ravioletti are fantastic

Where we’re you getting bracciole previously? Aleos?

Did You happen to get any bread? I’m assuming they will be stocking from Brooklyn and Hoboken maybe?

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Hey everyone look over here………


You know sometimes when I do stuff like this from my cell phone I start to get a tingling feeling of power, like for a brief technical moment, I’m like Mark Zuckerberg!!!

Then realize nope my entire arm is now numb and the tingling wasn’t that of any “power” but a friendly reminder to call Dr O’keefe (my cardiologist) in the morning.


The only caveat is I am not sure if Livotis has fresh or frozen.

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Only seen frozen, but lately I feel I need a cane & a seeing eye dog.


Same here, but back a few years Taliercios would have fresh on the weekends/holidays and frozen always in the case. I don’t go to Livoti’s much but I’ve only seen frozen when I was there.

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Tony’s Diner in Freehold has a new owner.
Renovations being made & Chef Roberto from Sweet Lou’s is taking over.
Hopefully he will keep the vibe of Tony’s.

Dropping this here, as it’s such a terrific organization/restaurant:

HMM. Not sure that’s working as it should, so here is the text:

nolimitscafe The winner will get the restaurant for an entire evening. Our head chef will work with you to plan your dream menu for you and 11 of your closest friends and/or family. And our amazing employees will serve you and your guests!

We can cater to any and all dietary restrictions or allergies. Vegan. Gluten free. Pescatarian. You name it.
Don’t like a specific food? No problem, we don’t use it.

Please note this is a BYOB event and subject to restaurant availability.

Tickets for No Limits Cafe WIN A DINNER PARTY FOR 12 are $100 each. At this time, the Legalized Game of Chance Control Commission for the State of NJ has prohibited the sale of raffle tickets online.

To purchase:
Please click here: https://www.nolimitscafe.org/raffledinner/ to submit your contact information and the number of tickets you would like to purchase. A No Limits Cafe staff member will be in contact with you to process your payment for the ticket(s). #eatwelldogood


From a flier I did for an event taking place this week! Having them cater and speak at the event. Good cause for good people!


New in Cranford: Vine and Oak Tavern

Piece behind the paywall about Trixie’s Chicken in AP, which is new at the AP Food Collective. Here’s some of the info:

The first thing to know about Trixie’s Chicken is that technically, you cannot go there.
There is no restaurant to visit, no counter from which to order nor tables at which to sit.

Not yet, at least. For owner Mark Felz, this is the goal: a brick and mortar where he can watch diners enjoy his buttermilk fried chicken, tossed in housemade sauces, and served on sandwiches with sides of macaroni and cheese and succotash.

Until then, Felz cooks at The Asbury Park Food Collective, a Sewall Avenue commercial cooking space for ghost kitchens, food trucks, caterers and restaurants whose owners are just starting out or need more space. Food from Trixie’s Chicken, named for Felz’s grandmother, is delivered to customers via Uber Eats and Postmates.

Order at trixieschickennj.com; delivery via third-party apps is available from noon until about 8 p.m. Thursdays through Mondays from Spring Lake north to Long Branch and west to Tinton Falls. Felz suggests customers outside of those towns use a nearby address for delivery. For more information, call 732-644-4573.

Note: The Collective is where Mutiny BBQ started, where (I think) Berg’s Smoked Meats started, and last I heard, where MOGO does their prep and Cookman Creamery makes a lot of their ice cream. It’s obviously serving the community well! Not sure how/why Mutiny was able to have people pick up orders from them on site once a week, but if small places get a chance to ‘incubate’ there, I’m all for it! I have one friend who has tried Trixie’s and really enjoyed it, so I’ll do the same at some point… anyone had it yet?


Hi there. Can you please add the link to your post? Thank you.

I’m happy to, but unless I’m mistaken, I thought you/APP had an issue when I was posting links…? It’s also behind the paywall, which I acknowledged.

Link to Trixie’s Chicken article

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Links are always appreciated, and thank you for sharing . :slight_smile: We just ask that people don’t copy and paste the stories.

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Seems like a lot of effort to eat fried chicken
I’m good with Simply Southern in Belmar.
Thanks for info I will file it away for another day.


I think a place like the Collective is a huge stepping stone for many food businesses; still don’t fully understand how/why a customer can literally give the address next door to the Collective and have a food delivery service bring it to their car there, but there’s no ability to walk up and get what you’ve ordered, but I know it’s tied to state law. Still…if places get a chance to test drive their products/methods and see how the food is received, I’m all for it. I don’t think I’d make a trip, but having it in town makes it easy for me to support them.

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